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Video: NDDI/OE-SS: OpenFlow in the WAN Netcast Archive

NDDI/OE-SS: OpenFlow in the WAN Netcast Archive

Posted on Aug 18, 2014
Internet2, Indiana University, and the Clean Slate program at Stanford have partnered to build a nation-wide SDN-based WAN, NDDI, and a set of OpenFlow control software used to operate the network. This session will discuss lessons learned building this OpenFlow-based WAN. This will include topics such as strategy for controller high availability/redundancy, integration with other networks (including non-Openflow networks), measurement/instrumentation of an OpenFlow network, and early experiences with virtualization on NDDI. <br><br> The OE-SS software that will be described in this session uses OpenFlow technology for circuit establishment and tear-down, and to enable path fail-over to a secondary path when an outage is detected on a circuit's primary path. OpenFlow is also used for dynamic topology discovery capability. The software has also allows for interoperability with existing dynamic circuit networks by leveraging the OSCARS software package, enabling OE-SS to peer with other dynamic circuit networks using the IDC protocol. OE-SS is available as open source software, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
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