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Video: Routing in LHCONE Netcast Archive

Routing in LHCONE Netcast Archive

Posted on Aug 18, 2014
LHC Open Network Environment (LHCONE) creates a high-speed, private network, interconnecting LHC Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier3 sites. The approach of LHCONE is a switched core with a routed edge network. One of the services provided by LHCONE is a multipoint Layer 2 service, built as a shared broadcast domain using a single VLAN. In this service, routing is implemented at the end-sites, with a set of route servers deployed in order to facilitate the distribution of routing information between the sites. This talk will provide a technical overview of the routing exchange (both IPv4 and IPv6) implementation for the LHCONE shared VLAN service, focusing on BGP routing, policing and redundancy. We will present the network architecture and topology overview, the route server infrastructure based on OpenBSD and OpenBGPd, policing and filtering configuration at the route-server, as well as route server redundancy configuration. Furthermore we will provide the configuration details for several router platforms.
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