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Video: InCommon Certificate Service Netcast Archive

InCommon Certificate Service Netcast Archive

Posted on Aug 18, 2014
Internet2, through its InCommon trust services division, announced last spring a national site license program that is delivering PKI-compliant certificates for use with SSL, EV SSL, and client (S/MIME signing, encryption and code signing) applications, all signed by a major, internationally-recognized public certificate authority. This is the first true site license (fixed annual fee for unlimited certificate issuance) program available to the higher ed community in the US. Over 75 campuses have already signed up, and many are saving in excess of six figures in annual costs over previous "by the cert" pricing. We have been delivering SSL certs since August, and are now rolling out EV and client certs, and have added an optional service for a hosted private certificate authority that allows a campus to issue certificates with a campus branded intermediate key. The client cert program is also tied to the higher levels of assurance (LoA) InCommon program offering federally-recognized federated trust services so that InCommon is now able to offer a complete set of integrated trust services, supporting both federated authentication and certificates, all sharing a common set of LoAs.
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