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Video: Integrating the Campus Enterprise and the Researcher Netcast Archive

Integrating the Campus Enterprise and the Researcher Netcast Archive

Posted on Aug 18, 2014
Supporting the IT needs at a campus-wide scale while still being responsive to the unique needs of the academic environment is a challenge found at institutions of all levels. But what if CIOs could securely and easily let researchers configure the services they need with the identity management and collaboration tools already in place? What if CIOs could offer a platform that allowed researchers to create ad hoc research groups of both on- and off-campus members and then self-select the tools most useful to their collaboration? What if this could all happen with minimal hands-on support by central IT services? This session will demonstrate just such a platform under development: CoCoA. CoCoA is a blending of two open source collaboration management platforms, COmanage and OpenConext. The COmanage Project, funded by the National Science Foundation and Internet2, is a platform that allows groups to meet their research objectives without building their own stand-alone identity management infrastructures. By leveraging federated identity management services and standard group and registry tools, authentication and authorization are handled in a single, efficient process that integrates a mix of collaboration attributes and each member's home organization attributes, making them available to of the various applications that serve a collaboration community. OpenConext was developed by SURFnet as part of the SURFworks and GigaPort3 programme. It is an open source technology stack for creating and running collaboration platforms and creates a powerful front end for users to choose for themselves and their workgroups the right applications for their collaborations. When combined with the COmanage Registry service, collaborations have a complete solution from front to back for identity management and collaboration needs.
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