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John Mansfield

ORG University of Michigan Title Laboratory Manager, North Campus Electron Microbeam Analysis Lab BIO Associate Research Scientist & Manager of the North Campus Electron Microbeam ANalysis Laboratory, University of Michigan Dr. Mansfield received his B. Sc. (1979), M Sc. (1980) and Ph. D. (1983) from the University of Bristol, Bristol, UK in Chemical Physics, Physics of Materials and Physics respectively.. He spent two and a half years as a post-doctoral fellow at Argonne National Laboratory and a year as a visiting scientist at the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina. Since 1987 he has been managing the North Campus Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory at the University of Michigan. John's interests include analytical electron microscopy (including convergent beam electron diffraction, X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry and electron energy loss spectroscopy), scanning electron microscopy environmental scanning electron microscopy, focussed ion beam nanomachining of materials and the remote control of instrumentation for teaching and research, the last of which makes extensive use of Internet2.