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Vace Kundakci

ORG Columbia University Title BIO Since 1989 Vace Kundakci has been the Deputy Vice President for Academic Information Systems (AcIS) at Columbia University. In this role, he directs all aspects of academic computing and most of the communications infrastructure at the University. Specific activities include the deployment and operation of the Morningside Heights high speed network, and its connections to other campuses of the University and the Internet. He has been an active participant in the NYSERNet board at various levels for the last 15 years. His organization provides most of the technology infrastructure for University-wide email, Web, course management, security, and user assistance. Some of the new advanced networking initiatives include using high quality video, telephony, IPv6, etc. Under his leadership the University has started a multi-year initiative to expand the campus network to University housing in Morningside Heights; at its completion this high speed residential network will serve some 8000 faculty, staff, and graduate students. Vace Kundakci, received his BS and MS degrees from Columbia University, School of Engineering and Applied Science, in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Subsequently he continued his graduate studies and began working for the Center for Computing Activities at the University as a Systems Programmer. During the years before his current position Vace worked on a variety of systems, including MVT, Wylbur, VM/CMS, MVS, TSO, TOPS20, Unix and a wide range of networking technologies. His software development activities included TCP/IP services for the VM/CMS environment, an email client for CMS, Kermit software, etc.