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Cedric Bennett

ORG Stanford University Title BIO As Director of Information Security Services for Stanford University, Ced Bennett leads a department tasked with building awareness and driving change in individual and organizational behavior with respect to increasing information security across the institution. In this capacity he is responsible for information security policy development and implementation and for helping the institution secure its information resources. Ced is considered an evolutionist in the field of Information Security; he maintains this edge by continuing to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies with future latent client needs. Ced reports to both the Chief Information Officer and the Director of Internal Audit. He has been a part of information technology senior management in higher education for nearly thirty years. During that time he has been responsible for the leadership of a variety of information technology organizations including the development and support of administrative systems, the initial deployment and support of desktop and distributed computing, the development and support of library computing, and many others. Prior to joining Stanford, he held information technology leadership positions in the private sector for the electronics, wholesale/retail, health care, and IT services industries. Ced is currently a member of the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force. A frequent speaker at professional conferences and seminars, Ced served as a founding faculty member from 1998 to 2001 in the CAUDIT-EDUCAUSE Institute held in Australia. He was directly responsible for the creation of the CAUSE Management Institute (now the EDUCAUSE Leadership and Management Institutes) in 1990 and continued as its director through 1995 and faculty member through 1997. Ced was a member of the CAUSE Board of Directors from 1985 through 1989 serving as Chairman of the Board in 1987. He holds a BA in philosophy from San Francisco State University and has completed graduate work in philosophy, cybernetic systems and business.