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Erv Blythe

ORG Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Title Vice President for Information Systems BIO Erv Blythe is the Vice President for Information Systems for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Mr. Blythe reports to the President, Dr. Charles W. Steger and is responsible for university policy development and strategic planning related to information technology and services. He has ultimate responsibility for the integrity of the university-wide information technology resources.
Mr. Blythe has a B.A. degree from VPI&SU in English (1968). His Masters degree (1983) and doctoral studies (not completed) are in the Environmental Design and Planning Program of the College of Architecture, focused on the relationship of advanced information technology infrastructure to regional competitiveness. Since coming to Virginia Tech in 1977 from the U.S. Department of Defense/Dept. of Navy, Mr. Blythe has served in a number of roles, ranging from Associate Director of Computing to Principal Investigator for the development of the Virginia Education and Research Network. He provided executive leadership and was the primary advocate for the Universitys nationally recognized Electronic Villages Program, Scholarly Communications/Network-based Publishing Project, Faculty Development Institute, and for its emphasis on the development of network and computer based learning capabilities. He was also the primary architect of the University's uniquely successful migration of its administrative systems to an enterprise-wide, client-server based resource that fully leverages the internet and open systems standards. Mr. Blythe has presented numerous invited briefings and papers at the state and national level.
Mr. Blythe's research interest is on the technological and market structure obstacles to the emergence of regional and national advanced communications network infrastructure. In 1997, he led the creation of a partnership among telecommunications providers and Virginia institutions of higher education for establishing a statewide broadband network to provide a high-bandwidth, advanced communications network known as NET.WORK.VIRGINIA. This network is the primary mode of access to the internet and major national research networks for over 1.4 million Virginians. In 2000, he established the eCorridors Program, which is defining a technical architecture, and developing deployment strategies and alternative financing and business models with the potential of enabling commodity priced, multi-gigabits per second communications access to all communities, businesses, and citizens of the Commonwealth.
Mr. Blythe is currently involved in a number of collaborations focused on the planning and development of the next generation internet. He is a member of the Network Planning and Policy Advisory Council which advises University Corporation for Advanced Network Development Trustees on matters related to the planning, development, and management of advanced networks for research and education. He is also serving as that Councils representative on the Abilene [Internet2] Technical Advisory Committee.