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Patrick McGrath

ORG The CrowdSauce Group Title Partner BIO
Patrick has played many roles during his 30 year IT career.  Most recently at UC Berkeley, he was involved in managing diverse functions spanning enterprise architecture, data warehousing and governance, data center and infrastructure management, applications and project/program management, service desk and response centers.  Patrick was responsible to develop and manage document and content services for campus-wide business processes, communications and collaboration. He was also focused on developing multi-institutional research programs with communities of  contributors from universities, libraries and museums from around the world.  He was a participant and driver of open-source and initiatives for ideation, open-innovation, knowledge sharing, and social networking.

Patrick held senior management roles within DigitalThink, one of the first startups providing tutor supported SaaS providers of e-Learning, and acted as the global applications manager for Documentum.   Patrick was also involved in consulting and business development for Noblestar Systems and Complete Business Solutions Inc. (now part of CSC), a major outsourcing/offshoring company. Patrick is a regular speaker at conferences, and is an advisor to a number of SaaS companies.

Patrick leads our higher education, research and technology vertical focus, and runs our content management and data management practices.    He holds a degree in Computer Studies from the Central Institute of Technology (NZ).

Patrick McGrath