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Matthew Zekauskas

ORG Internet2 Title Sr. Researcher BIO

Matt Zekauskas is a senior engineer and architect with the Architecture and Planning team at Internet2. He has 27 years of experience working on computer networks and distributed systems. His last 15 years have been focused on cutting-edge network architectures, Internet measurement, and the application of those measurements to advanced application development. He was part of the team that contributed to the current Internet2 Network architecture and evaluated various designs and vendor options. He currently leads the integration of NET+ connections to the Internet2 Network, and has been a major contributor to the design of the Internet2 Observatory and work in end-to-end performance. Matt has facilitated collaborative efforts by chairing multiple working groups (IETF IP Performance Metrics Working Group, IETF Packet-Layer Path MTU Discovery Working group, and Internet2 Measurement Working Group) and through his involvement in key initiatives, including the End-to-End Performance initiative. His work has included coordination of measurement activities and presentation of talks and tutorials at various national and international conferences.

Matt participated in the One Lap of America with his brother for 13 consecutive years. One Lap does time trials at ~9 racetracks and drag strips around the country over the course of 7 days, and the venues vary every year. No support vehicles are allowed and you have to drive what you race between venues—anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 miles over the week. This is only for fun (and perhaps fame); no cash prizes.

Matthew Zekauskas