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Cathrin Stöver

ORG GEANT/DANTE Title Chief International Relations and Communications Officer BIO Cathrin Stöver is Chief International Relations and Communications Officer in DANTE responsible for the management of relationships with NREN organizations and regional bodies in other world regions, ensuring that the GÉANT network has the biggest possible geographic reach outside of Europe. Since the reorganization of DANTE in March 2012, Cathrin is also responsible for DANTE´s Communications. Cathrin is also project manager of the AfricaConnect project working towards the creation of an R&E networking infrastructure in sub Saharan Africa. Cathrin leads a team of European and African colleagues working through procurement, operations, communications, etc. of the UbuntuNet network to be created through AfricaConnect funding. Between 2002 and 2009, Cathrin was project manager of the ALICE project, leading to the creation of the RedCLARA network, a regional R&E network interconnecting 15 Latin American countries to each other and to GÉANT. Cathrin joined DANTE in 1997 and today lives in Madrid, Spain