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Michele Klimpton

ORG DuraCloud Title Chief Executive Officer BIO Michele Kimpton is Chief Executive Officer of DuraSpace and one of the founders of the organization. DuraSpace is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to the management and preservation of our shared scholarly, scientific and cultural record. The DuraSpace community includes more than 1,500 worldwide institutions that use DSpace or Fedora open source repository software, two projects that our stewarded by DuraSpace, to provide durable access to documents, imagery and media. DuraSpace also offers a number of managed services such as DuraCloud and DSpacedirect to better enable Institutions to manage their digital content when they have limited technical support or resources. Michele sets the strategic direction for DuraSpace with the executive team and members of the Board. Mrs. Kimpton was recently awarded Digital Preservation Pioneer by the NDIPP program at Library of Congress, you can find more detail at Prior to joining DuraSpace, Michele Kimpton was the Founder of the DSpace Foundation, a not for profit organization set up to provide leadership and support to the community of users of the DSpace open source software platform. Prior to joining DSpace, Michele Kimpton was the Director at Internet Archive. In her role she works closely with National Libraries, Archives and Universities to provide technical expertise and services in web archiving. She has developed partnerships with several of these institutions to collaborate on web archiving activities, including being one of the founding members of the International Internet Preservation Consortium.