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Michael Wellings

ORG ResearchChannel Title BIO Michael Wellings is the Engineering Director for the ResearchChannel consortium, which provides programming via the Internet and supports a 7x24 broadcast channel nationwide. Michael also directly contributes to the ResearchChannel goals of content creation and manipulation processes to test materials for analog and digital broadcast and on-demand multimedia offerings and creates experiments with new methods of distribution and interaction on a global basis. Michael pioneered efforts in MPEG-2 high-quality on-demand video distribution and was the chief broadcast architect for High Definition Television over IP networks with streams ranging up to 1.5Gbps per stream. He is also the Engineering Director for the University of Washington's national television channel UWTV and local cable channel as well as Director of Engineering for the University of Washington's radio station KEXP-FM. Michael was responsible for the successful demonstration of uncompressed audio streams over internet and leads a team of 10 engineers to further push the intersection of technologies that combine Internet, satellite and cable distribution.