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Jianping Wu

ORG Tsinghua University Title BIO Professor of Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Network Research Center of Tsinghua University, Chairman of the CERNET Technical Board and Director of the CERNET Center, Vice President of China Internet Association, Member of Expert Committee in the information field under the national 863 Program, and Chief scientist of the project under the national 973 Program "Theoretical Research on NGI Architecture", and Chairman of APAN. He mainly pursues the research and education in the field of "Computer Architecture and Application", and took charge of completing more than 20 major national research projects. Being the pioneer of national network, he was in charge of "China Education and Research Network (CERNET) Demonstration Project", and established the largest national academic network CERNET. He was in charge of the major joint project "China High-speed Network Testbed -NSFCNET" funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and implemented the interconnection of China network and international network. As one of main initiators and promoters of NGI in China, he is charged of CERNET2 backbone which is one of the CNGI core networks, and completed the world"s largest IPv6 Internet backbone, in addition, "CNGI-CERNET2" has been approved into the TOP 10 Chinese Scientific Research Developments. He has also scored innovative achievements in the high-quality routers and protocols. He has got 3 second/third national awards for progress in science and technology, and 10 first ministerial awards for progress in science and technology, and over 10 patents for invention, published more than 200 academic papers, and trained over100 postgraduates. Awarded by the State a title of young/middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, he enjoys special government allowance, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, Cross-Century Intelligent Training Planning Foundation. He is also the Honorary Professor of "Chang Jiang Scholar Program".