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Bob Meeker

ORG Black Horse Associates Title BIO Apollo 13, Electronic trades on the NASDAQ Exchange, electronic switched telephony and packet switched networking are flagstones of a career in systems, telecommunications and IT Security that started on the edge of the envelop and has stayed there since. It started as a real-time assembly language programmer at the Johnson Manned Space Flight Center during the Apollo program. His last day in the program was the day Apollo 13 splashed down in the Pacific. He was a part of the development team for the NASDAQ system and was there when the exchange started business in 1971. He lead the engineering cut over team for the initial installation of the first electronic Class 5 telephone switch developed by General Telephone (now a part of Verizon). This was followed by work with GTE Telenet, one of the first commercial packet-switched networks, Program Management support to the Strategic Defense Initiative Office and the engineering and implementation of a nationwide ATM network for the Department of Justice. Most recently, he spent five years helping the United States Patent and Trademark Office establish their FISMA Security Program and is currently a consultant to the VA for their Internet2 program.