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Stanley Goosby

ORG Pacific Disaster Center Title BIO Mr. Stanley Goosby is Chief Scientist and a Senior Manager at Pacific Disaster Center (PDC). He will provide scientific oversight for all PDC activities in relation to this project. He earned an MS in 2002, a BS in 1978, and did graduate studies at University of California, San Diego, in 1994. Mr. Goosby has been with PDC since 1996 as Chief Scientist and has worked on modeling and visualization aspects of numerous projects concerned with all-hazard and natural hazard risk assessment. Among them are: analysis of all-hazard methodologies for the Department of Homeland Security (through CENTRA Technology, Inc.); contributing to the development of the Asia Pacific Natural Hazards and Vulnerabilities Atlas and Asia Pacific Natural Hazards Information Network; multi-hazard risk assessments in the Philippines; Disaster Information Sharing and Communications Network for ASEAN; Mekong River flood hazard mapping and risk assessment; development of a knowledge base on risks with Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative; Indian Ocean tsunami impact and recovery assessment; and flood hazard assessment and early warning in Vietnam. Mr. Goosby is involved in PDC