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Hiroshi Esaki

ORG WIDE Project, Japan Title BIO Prof.Hiroshi Esaki leads the IPv6 research, development and deployment activity in the WIDE project and other IPv6 related projects in Japan. He serves as a board member of the WIDE project, (that has more than 400 active researchers related with the internet technology and has around 200 industrial and academic memberships. Also, he leads the IPv6 deployment for the JGN (Japan Gigabit Network), that is Japanses fereral government funded nation-wide research and development network. WIDE project has a lot of research projects related with intenet technology. Basically, all of these projects are based on the IPv6 technology. Also, WIDE has initiated four projects, purely focusing on the IPv6 core technology, i.e., KAME (IPv6 stack for *BSD*), USAGI (IPv6 stack for Linux), THAI (IPv6 comformance test suite) and JB (Nation-wide IPv6 research testbed). WIDE project has initiated an other IPv6 testbed, that is funded by Japansese government, collaborating with a lot of commercial players, e.g., NTT-Communications, yusen, eAccess, panasonic and SONY. This testbed is not only focusing on the PC-based IPv6 deployment, rather focusing on the network appliances (e.g., sensor-node, PDA) with IPv6.