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Bill Rutherford

ORG Rutherford Research Title BIO Bill Rutherford is director of Rutherford Research (RRX). He has a wide range of interests, and has been involved in preliminary phases, of research and development, for several innovative companies, in Alberta and British Columbia. Educated at the University of British Columbia, and with a doctor of philosophy, from the University of Alberta, he has been active in optical network theory, advanced simulation, semiconductor and superconductor device research and fabrication, nanotechnology research, medical device research, policy research, bioinformatics research and numerous advanced systems, for 35 years. Bill has published work, on novel semiconductor devices and circuits, developed while as a project leader for the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, and notably the first comprehensive simulation, of a new bipolar heterostructure compound semiconductor transistor configuration, with amazing Terahertz level frequency capabilities. He has been the director of RRX for 16 years, and consulted or led on preliminary research and ongoing development on several leading academic and corporate projects, including recently project leader for the Internet2 9000 MTU, and CANARIE Internet Route Registry projects with CA*net4, Internet2 and international participants. Current academic projects include User Controlled LightPaths version 2 (UCLPv2) and a novel CA*net4 9000 byte Drug Discovery System (9k DDS), which is a follow on project for the 9000 byte Application (9k App) Project.