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Charles Carlson

ORG Exploratorium Title BIO Charles Carlson, Director of Life Sciences graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1970 with a double major in Zoology and Communications and Public Policy. After a brief stint at UCSF as toxicologist, he began working at the Exploratorium in 1972, and pioneered the creation of hands-on biology exhibits. As project director on eight major grants from NSF, DOE and NIH, he has built or participated in the development of over 250 innovative hands-on exhibits and demonstrations that have span a range of activities from involving visitors in recording from the inside the brain of a sea slug to examining human health related epidemiology. Each of these exhibits or exhibitions has involved the translation of scientific experimentation and conceptualization into the public domain for education and social discourse. Recently, he has sought to provide visitors with real-time, live imagery of events at the cellular level. Interactively viewing the microscopic world requires uses a range of equipment and digital imaging equipment perfectly suited for broader dissemination via the Internet.