2020 Internet2 Global Summit

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Characterizing the Networking In and Out of the Public Clouds

Time 03/31/20 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Grand Ballroom 1

Session Abstract

The funding agencies are taking an increasingly positive stance toward public clouds.

NSF alone has funded several Cloud-focused proposals, including E-CAS, CloudBank and the record-setting multi-cloud IceCube simulation pilot run. There is increased awareness and recognition that public Cloud providers do provide capabilities not found elsewhere, with elasticity being a major driver.

The value of elastic scaling is however tightly coupled to the capabilities of the networks that connect all involved resources, both in the public Clouds and at the various research institutions. We have thus set in place a benc-marking testbed that has been collecting data about network performance between both nodes inside the major public clouds, and between nodes at research institutions and Cloud nodes.

The most performing on-prem nodes in the mix are Internet2-managed DTNs supporting the Open Science Grid (OSG),
so the performance on Internet2 served links was of particular interest. In this presentation we provide both the observed peak performance on the various links, as well as a summary of how network performance changes over time. We also provide a summary overview of the costs associated with using networking in the public clouds.


Speaker Igor Sfiligoi University of California - San Diego

Primary track Cloud Integration

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