2020 Internet2 Global Summit

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Create Your Digital Town Square

Time 03/30/20 03:00PM-04:00PM

Room Grand Ballroom 5/6

Session Abstract

Digital Town Squares integrate campus networking with the local ISPs and commercial networks that serve the residences of faculty, staff, and students, giving them "like on campus" access. It's a win-win-win for everyone. Your campus no longer pays for traffic to and from local residents. The connection is more direct and hence higher bandwidth and lower latency. The Digital Town Square is also great for connecting off-campus buildings. Local and national ISPs are incented to exchange local-only traffic at the Digital Town Square because they also benefit from "hot potato routing" and no interchange fees.

The Digital Town Square is a settlement-free local traffic exchange that benefits all parties that use it. It's also a great location for supporting community "living labs" and providing edge computing to faculty, staff, and students off-campus.

US Ignite will talk about its half-dozen existing Digital Town Squares and its support from the National Science Foundation to help create more of them in Smart Gigabit Communities.


Speaker Glenn Ricart US Ignite

Speaker Tracy Smith University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Speaker Matthew Riley University of Oregon

Speaker Jen Leasure The Quilt

Speaker Scott Turnbull US Ignite

Primary track Advanced Networking

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