2020 Internet2 Global Summit

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Update on Routing Security and Designing the Next Generation IRR

Time 03/31/20 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Grand Ballroom 4

Session Abstract

peering arrangements, the drive towards
MANRS, and growing network security threats have made proper
Internet Routing Registry (IRR) registration more important than ever.

Merit's RADb IRR platform (www.radb.net)
serves a global audience and is the only one operated by a Research & Education Network. RADb is a trusted platform for IRR Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) publication. This
session includes a progress update on RADb development, a deeper dive into the roadmap over the next 12 months, and a brief demo of the key, new features available on the platform.

But our work doesn't end with publication. This
session offers survey results describing the current coverage of the
Internet2's IP and I2PX in the IRR system. As coverage of the
Internet2 member assets reaches an all-time high, we'll review the importance of consuming IRR data for use in BGP filter configurations, identify existing best practices and tooling, and introduce
Internet2's IRR working group to support each other's implementations.

Attendees will be offered personal assistance by the RADb team to get IRR
records in order and the opportunity to participate in future route validation feature testing.


Speaker David Dennis Merit Network, Inc.

Speaker Steven Wallace Internet2

Speaker Paul Howell Internet2

Speaker Mitchell Kuch Merit Network, Inc.

Primary track Advanced Networking

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