2020 Internet2 Global Summit

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WORKSHOP: Research IT Capabilities Model for Strategic Decision-Making (Separate Registration Required)

Time 03/29/20 01:30PM-04:30PM

Room 304/305/306

Session Abstract

Research computing and data (computing, data, and related infrastructure and services) is changing at an accelerating rate, while the range of fields and disciplines depending on the cyberinfrastructure is expanding and becoming increasingly diverse. A new “Capabilities Model” has been developed that identifies the range of relevant approaches to fully supporting research computing and data. This model allows institutions to assess their current capabilities, and provides input into strategic decision making. This Capabilities Model is designed to be useful to a diverse mix of stakeholders on the front lines of cyberinfrastructure, including campus research computing and data practitioners, along with the principal investigators and research team members (faculty, staff, etc.) with whom they work, and campus leadership. This workshop will introduce participants to the framework and background of the model, and how it can be applied to a range of different institutions. Participants will work together to fill out a copy of the questionnaire and explore specifics of applying the questionnaire for their respective institutions. Finally, participants will provide feedback to improve the model, explore future plans to make the model available as an online service, and discuss how the resulting aggregated data could be used in strategic decision making by institutions.


Speaker Dana Brunson Internet2

Speaker Patrick Schmitz Semper Cogito Consulting

Speaker Claire Mizumoto University of California - San Diego

Primary track Integrated Solutions

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