2020 Internet2 Global Summit

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About Global Summit

Scholarships and Awards

Provides information onthe Inclusivity Initiative Scholarship, to be granted at each major Internet2 community conference—both the Global Summit and Technology Exchange. From 2014-2019, the Inclusivity Initiative Award in Recognition of Carrie Regenstein, was presented at the Technology Exchange meetings.

Call for Participation

Provides information on the call for session proposals, working meeting proposals, and sponsorship options. These pages also provide both the dates for which each of these calls are OPEN, along with links to the online submission forms that must be filled out to submit any proposal. Information on the elements of these different pages, timeline and process for selection, and other relevant information can be found at For More Information.

Program Committee

As always, we rely on the expertise of community member volunteers to develop our event programs. We would like to thank each of this year's program committee for their hard work and diligent service to the process of bringing our community together to discuss issues of import and breaking developments in technology.

For More Information

These pages provide detailed descriptions of each area on the proposal submissions forms, criteria for selection, timeline for program development, and more.