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But Wait, There's More

This year, there are a variety of non-programmatic activities open to registrants! Be sure not to miss any of them!

Feedback Corner

When: Monday, December 9 -- 4:30-6:00 p.m.

This event provides an opportunity to meet the folks working on all the newest developments being implemented on the Internet2 network. Many of the subject matter experts (SMEs) working on these new efforts (i.e., Next Generation Infrastructure, Routing Security, and Trusted Access topics, among others) will be present to answer questions, provide brief updates, and collect your ideas to share with their teams. Specific topics include:

  • Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) with Chris Wilkinson, Scott Taylor, and other team members
  • Security with Paul Howell, Steve Wallace, and other team members
  • Networking for Cloud with Brian Cashman and Matt Zekausaks
  • InCommon Academy with Erin Murtha

In addition, we collect feedback from attendees on such questions as:

  • What do YOU look for in a technical meeting?
  • What elements of the current Technology Exchange format are working for you?
  • What would you recommend we change?

These and other questions are open for direct feedback during this "come-whenever-available" session. Be sure to come by, grab a snack and a beverage, take our survey, and engage in discussion with individuals about the future designs for this event.

NOTE: This event was previously called Open Office Hours.

Newcomer Breakfast

When: Tuesday, December 10 -- 7:00-8:30 a.m.

If this is your first time attending TechEX (or you just feel like it is!), join us for breakfast and conversation. We'll reserve tables in the breakfast area and members of the program committee, Internet2 staff, and interested community members will be on hand to greet you, give you some "tips" on how to get the most out of the meeting, and introduce you to others in your primary area of interest. We'd like everyone who attends TechEX to have a few friendly faces in their corner!

Sponsor Social

When: Wednesday, December 11 -- 5:00-6:00 p.m.

To ensure attendees have an opportunity to engage in discussions with our sponsors, a short happy hour concludes the day's formal programming. Please be sure to thank our sponsors, without which support we would not be able to produce such an excellent event!  IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration includes (1) drink ticket redeemable for (1) beer or wine (complimentary soft drinks). Additional beer and wine can be purchased WITH CASH ONLY and no room charges.

Of Community-Wide Interest

This year's event includes a number of meetings that are of community-wide interest, crossing all topics-of-interest. We'd like to bring to your attention a few of these group discussions:

Please be sure to check the agenda for even more gatherings that address issues affecting your organization!

New to the Event FAQs

Check out the new webpage devoted to tricks and tips to help first-time (and newish) attendees get the most out of their TechEX registration!

ARIN@TechEx – Get in on the IPv4 Transfer Market, Keep your Whois Data Accurate, and Deploy IPv6, RPKI and DNSSEC

When: Monday, December 9 to Thursday, December 12 -- various times

Need help navigating the IPv4 transfer market (as either a source or recipient), updating your Whois data, or deploying IPv6, RPKI, or DNSSEC? We can help. ARIN@TechEx is your one-stop source for information from ARIN. We’ll answer all of your questions and can aid with any resource requests you’re currently working on with us as well as any you’ll be submitting in the near future.

About ARIN: The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is the nonprofit, membership organization responsible for managing Internet number resources (including IPv4, IPv6, and Autonomous System numbers) in the US, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean. Now that IPv4 addresses have been depleted, ARIN encourages all TechEx attendees to reach the whole Internet not just the old Internet by deploying IPv6. ARIN also invites anyone who is interested to participate in the open and transparent policy development process that determines how resources are distributed. More information about ARIN services, events, IPv6, and more is available at https://www.arin.net and https://teamarin.net/.

Routing Security Help Desk

When: Monday, December 9 to Thursday, December 12 from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Need help with Routing Security issues? We can help. Visit the Registration Desk for more information.


When: Tuesday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 11 -- various times

A full list of demonstrations is available. We highly recommend visiting these demonstrations during the specific times listed because each demo is a non-standard length and requires experts to offer the content.  Most of these demos are offered during program breaks and lunch.

Ad Hoc Meeting Space

When: Monday, December 9 to Thursday, December 12 -- various times

To ensure attendees have an opportunity to schedule some ad hoc meeting space for continuing discussions that crop up at TechEX, we have reserved space for on-site booking. A list of room(s) and times will be available at the Registration Desk. Attendees will be limited to two-hour blocks of time to ensure maximum use of the space.