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track 1 Advanced Networking imageAdvanced Networking

The R&E community has traditionally been at the forefront of advanced networking, developing new and innovative ways to support emerging challenges in support of scientific research, network research, and distance education. In recent years, the complexity of advanced networks has exploded with the widespread introduction of software-defined networking (SDN), the integration of compute and storage, and the exponentially increasing requirements for data intensive science. View sessions in this track.

track 2 Information Security imageInformation Security

The Information Security area focuses on a broad range of information security topics. View sessions in this track.

track 3 Trust & Identity imageInCommon

The InCommon track provides a venue to explore, discuss, and learn about topics of broad interest to members of the identity management community. Sessions, workshops, working groups, and other offerings will be of interest to identity architects, developers, implementers, service provider operators, and other identity management professionals with any level of experience. Once again this year, the track includes sessions proposed by community members, the "unconferenced" Advance CAMP (ACAMP), and a broad range of working groups. View sessions in this track.

track 2 Information Security image

Cloud Architecture

The Cloud Architecture track is an opportunity for members of the R&E community to share best practices, lessons learned, and ideas in the design, planning, and implementation of enterprise applications and services. Enterprise Architecture has become one of the pillars of the IT world for designing and implementing solutions across various technology areas. Further, the emergence of cloud technology has introduced many new challenged into managing an IT environment. Higher Ed IT is beset by cloud questions that only a coordinated approach can solve. View sessions in this track.