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WORKSHOP: I’m the Expert, Why Won’t You Listen to Me? (Separate Registration Required)

Time 12/09/19 08:30AM-11:30AM

Room Grand Couteau (5th)

Session Abstract

Do you sometimes have difficulty communicating your ideas in ways that others understand? Do you have IT or cybersecurity communications or projects that involve researchers or other staff members? Do you find it difficult to discuss issues and implement solutions that correct the root issue and leave all parties feeling served and respected?

The NSF funded CyberAmbassadors Professional Skills training program was designed to help address these types of challenges. Utilizing a well-researched pedagogical framework, the program provides effective tools to promote and develop skills to assist cyber infrastructure and IT professionals in working with teams and individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and goals.

This half day workshop will be full of fun and interactive exercises to provide hands-on experience in communicating about the complex technological challenges that we face on a regular basis. Participants will practice and gain tools to better communicate with their team members and during their professional activities.

This free workshop is open to everyone regardless of role or job level (though pre-registration is required to track the numbers). Please join us!


Speaker Gail Krovitz Internet2

Speaker Eric Adams Purdue University - Main Campus

Primary track Research Engagement

Secondary tracks Information Security

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