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eduTEAMS: A Look Behind the Scenes

Time 12/10/19 10:45AM-11:10AM

Room Oak Alley (4th)

Session Abstract

eduTEAMS is a GÉANT service implementation of the AARC Blueprint Architecture. Using the FIM4R v1 and v2 requirements as our guiding post, we have designed and implemented a service that enables researchers, students and other members of the research and education community to create and manage virtual teams and securely access and share common resources and services using federated identities from eduGAIN and trusted Identity Providers.

Under the hood, eduTEAMS uses a number of common, software components, all integrated harmonically to deliver one service offering. In this session, we are going to do a deep dive in the internals of the eduTEAMS Service and we are going to present how we have tightly integrated SATOSA, PyFF, COmanage, HEXAA and Perun in order to deliver eduTEAMS. We are going to discuss the challenges we have faced, how we overcame them and how we have used the proxy pattern in order to abstract the complexities introduced by multi-federation environments like eduGAIN. We are going to present the enhancements we have made to the various tools in order to meet our requirements, but we are also going to talk about how we use devops best practices, such as infrastructure-as-code, unit and behaviour testing, continuous integration and delivery, to deliver production eduTEAMS instances that serve the research infrastructures and their communities in Europe and beyond.


Speaker Christos Kanellopoulos GÉANT

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