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Running the InCommon Trusted Access Platform in the Cloud

Time 12/11/19 02:40PM-03:30PM

Room Oak Alley (4th)

Session Abstract

The InCommon Trusted Access Platform has brought well-built containers of common IAM software products to the community that are pre-configured for fast deployment. It’s now easier than ever before to deploy things like Shibboleth, Grouper, Midpoint and COmanage – on-prem or even in the cloud. This panel session will discuss deploying the platform to two popular cloud options: AWS and GCP.
AWS offers several ways to run containerized software as well as the tools to automate and manage a devops environment. Learn some of the offerings from AWS that make this work as well as some of the tips and tricks.
Google Cloud Platform's Kubernetes implementation GKE is another good option for deploying components of the platform. Learn about the process used to convert a Docker-Compose based demonstration environment created by Pavol Mederly of Evolveum that integrates midPoint, Grouper, and Shibboleth to run on GKE.


Speaker Keith Wessel University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Speaker Ethan Kromhout University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Speaker Erik Coleman University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Speaker William Thompson Lafayette College

Speaker Chris Hyzer University of Pennsylvania

Speaker Christopher Hubing Internet2

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