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Seamless Access - Implementing IdP Discovery and Persistence

Time 12/11/19 09:00AM-09:50AM

Room Bayside A/B/C (4th)

Session Abstract

The publication of the NISO "Recommended Practices for Improved Access to Institutionally-Provided Information Resources: Results from the Resource Access in the 21st Century (RA21) Project” set the stage for the next phase of work in the federated identity provider discovery space. SeamlessAccess.org, brought to you by NISO, the International STM Association, GÉANT, Internet2, and ORCID, is in the process of implementing and testing those recommended practices. In this session, we will review how Service Providers (SPs) can use the SeamlessAccess.org service to improve the user experience for single sign on (SSO). Some SPs will choose to take advantage of all of these outcomes while others will select the one or two that provide the most benefit. These outcomes include: Robustly tested recommendations for the user interface for the user to select their preferred Identity Provider (IdP); A new cross-site service for IdP persistence (also referred to as Where Are You From - WAYF) so that individuals don’t always have to find their institution from a list when switching sites; and, Advocacy for increased Identity Federation representation among communities that currently do not participate as broadly, including corporate research institutions. As part of the session, participants will discuss what is needed to support service providers as they explore how to take advantage of these recommendations.


Speaker Laura Paglione Spherical Cow Group

Speaker Heather Flanagan Spherical Cow Group

Speaker Ralph Youngen American Chemical Society

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