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Campus IAM Redesign

Time 12/11/19 01:40PM-02:30PM

Room Oak Alley (4th)

Session Abstract

Identity and Access Management solutions are constantly evolving. Foundational infrastructure can be difficult to keep current once deployed, especially since it carries the expectation that it is stable and always available.

This session will provide a glimpse into IAM modernization efforts at multiple institutions. Attendees will learn about the pain (and payoff) inherent in migrating off a decade old single-sign on systems, consolidating multiple limited purpose IDM systems with Evolveum midPoint, and the design and implementation of a complex IDM ecosystem responsible for service provisioning and deprovisioning, RBAC, SSO and more.


Speaker Armando Perez The J. Paul Getty Trust

Speaker Martin Douglas University of Western Ontario / LARG*Net

Speaker Liam Hoekenga University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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Primary track InCommon

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