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It Hurts When IP - Effort to Normalize R&E Routing Policy When There are Too Many Choices

Time 12/12/19 12:30PM-01:30PM

Room Napoleon Ballroom D3 (3rd)

Session Abstract

Breakdowns in BGP policy are splashed across the headlines on a now weekly basis. High profile incidents like the June 2019 Cloudflare event highlight how hard it is to manage the distributed and interconnected networks of the world, and how easy it is for a mistake to impact large populations. In the R&E community, BGP policy is an important component of network performance as well as network reliability - without proper routing architecture it is impossible to keep science data flows on the science networks which have been engineered to support them.

This BoF will explore the architecture and policy issues surrounding interdomain routing for commodity and R&E network providers, including issues that arise when multiple paths with widely differing capabilities are available between sites.

Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Research Engagement

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