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Proxies and Portals

Time 12/10/19 01:40PM-03:30PM

Room Bayside A/B/C (4th)

Session Abstract

Proxies and portals have become a core part of R&E cyberinfrastructure. For their user communities, they can provide a core set of capabilities: simple credential conversion, single logon across resources, custom group and attribute creation with lifecycle management, extended community engagement, and more. For their providers, it is a chance, and a challenge, to craft services that meet the needs of a diverse set of communities and cobble together disparate resources into an integrated and semi-seamless cyberinfrastructure. For federations, they are both a core business and a difficult architecture, presenting complex trust, privacy and security issues. This extended session will begin with leaders in crafting and managing proxies presenting how they see the landscape through their portals, and then dive down as a panel into the challenges that have been identified and how to address them.


Speaker Licia Florio G√ČANT

Speaker Scott Koranda Spherical Cow Group

Speaker Judith Bush OCLC (Online Computer Library Center)

Speaker Albert Wu Internet2

Speaker Eric Goodman University of California - Office of the President

Primary track InCommon

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