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Building the Millennium Falcon Without Knolling (or the Instruction Booklet)

Time 12/12/19 11:20AM-12:10PM

Room Grand Chenier (5th)

Session Abstract

AKA: Assembling a Hybrid Cloud solution from the pieces of Cloud Connect, NET+ AWS, NET+ GCP and InCommon Trusted Access Platform

You have a set of legos (affectionately known as pizza boxes) on campus that came with a standard set of pins, and helpful a well known instruction book for assembly. Silicon Valley announced a new service where they are renting lego blocks. You can now assemble anything your heart desires. The catch, they don't provide the instruction booklet! 

Learn which blocks fit together nicely, and which ones require some advanced modification to get to work together. In these early stages of assembly, the community is in the processes of narrowing down the many, many options into a few ways to fit the pieces together. L2 or L3 Direct Connect? Project per PI, or Project per Department? Root credential escrow or self service (or both)? 

Our goal is for your to leave this session with more questions than answers, but also with the insights on how to constructively begin building outside of the instruction booklet.


Speaker George Loftus Internet2

Speaker Sara Jeanes Internet2

Presentation Media

Primary track Cloud Architecture

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking

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