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Enabling Scalable Research Workflows Using the Globus IAM Platform

Time 12/11/19 10:20AM-11:10AM

Room Grand Chenier (5th)

Session Abstract

Identity and access management (IAM) services provided by the Globus data management platform, combined with high-speed networks and Science DMZs, create a myriad possibilities to increase efficiency in research workflows. In recent years, we have presented Globus capabilities to the Internet2 community in a variety of contexts, from the perspective of both researchers and those who deliver services to the research ecosystem. In this talk, we will address what we see as a growing need to integrate robust IAM capabilities into a variety of tools that are becoming commonplace in research and educational environments. We will describe a series of use cases that demonstrate how Globus can be used to broker authentication and authorization interactions, such that users can access and move seamlessly between tools using existing institutional credentials, while developers can protect REST API communications in their services using web standards such as OAuth2 and OpenID Connect without having to build custom IAM infrastructure. Examples will include streamlining data flows from the Advanced Photon Source in an ambitious neurobiology project, facilitating large scale simulations in materials research, and enabling interactive data science using the Jupyter platform. We will also demonstrate how researchers can easily incorporate protected data (e.g. PHI, CUI) into their research, and share it securely and appropriately with collaborators, while meeting compliance requirements.


Speaker Vas Vasiliadis University of Chicago

Speaker Rachana Ananthakrishnan University of Chicago

Primary track Cloud Architecture

Secondary tracks Information Security

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