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Supporting IoT at Scale on Campus through Self-Service

Time 12/12/19 08:50AM-09:00AM

Room Grand Ballroom D/E (5th)

Session Abstract

The University of Michigan is seeing an increasing number of IoT devices brought to campus, with students expecting them to work "just like at home." Previously, our practice had been to accommodate them with a hidden SSID they could connect to with help by filing a ticket. We were asked to make this process a self-service process in 3 months.

This talk will give an overview of how we employed PacketFence by Inverse to accomplish the task.

Details: Packet Fence is a common, open source radius NAC software that also has vendor support. The main purpose of this software is authentication so we thought we would see if the vendor could modify the use case to fit our IoT needs. This is an on-going development but over the past few months we have been able to create a webpage/database for users to log into and register their devices by MAC address. The wireless controller then queries the packet fence server to check against the database to see if the device is allowed on the network and what vlan it should be in. We are currently developing an automated email to be sent to users 30 days before a set expiration date that will remove their devices from the database. Users will then have to login and select renew to make sure their devices continue to work for another year.


Speaker Eric Boyd University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Speaker James Helzerman University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Information Security

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