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Understanding End-to-End Science with NetSage: Archives, Science Registry, and even more Flow Data

Time 12/11/19 04:20PM-04:40PM

Room Grand Ballroom D/E (5th)

Session Abstract

NetSage is an open privacy-aware network measurement, analysis, and visualization service designed to help network owners and administrators understand the performance and use of their networks. It provides near real-time monitoring and visualization of data transfers using SNMP data, flow data, and Tstat-based traffic analysis, as well as active measurements, mainly perfSONAR, and longitudinal network performance data visualization.

A year ago at TechEx, we presented the first dashboards for basic flow data deployed on the NSF-funded international circuits. Since then, we have enhanced this system to further enable in-depth understanding and identification of soft failures and routing tangles which can adversely impact data transfer behaviors, but because they don’t cause down time are often neglected. We have also rolled out several visualization tools that interact with the network data and our Science Registry to help understand what projects are using resources, and whether they are experiencing the transfer rates that should be expected. The deployment of NetSage now includes several US domestic regional networks as well as large-scale archives at NERSC, NOAA, TACC, and NCAR, all of which can be used in concert.

We will walk through several live examples of using NetSage to identify problems, investigate the use of links by organizations, and talk about how this tool can better support network engineers, research users, and network planners or CIOs.

More information on NetSage can be found at https://www.netsage.global/ . Available portals can be found at:
*NSF International Circuits: http://portal.netsage.global
*Great Plains Network: http://gpn.netsage.global
*iLight: http://ilight.netsage.global
*Advanced North Atlantic collaboration: http://ana.netsage.global

Each of these have slightly different sets of dashboards that can be navigated through the spinning S on the top left corner.


Speaker Daniel Doyle Indiana University

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Advanced Networking

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