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Spectrum Sharing for Next Generation Networks

Time 12/11/19 03:00PM-03:20PM

Room Grand Ballroom D/E (5th)

Session Abstract

During the past 10 years, a handful of European R&E networks, in collaboration with network researchers and vendors, have pursued sharing of optical fibres, with the goal of operating multiple optical networks on a single, connected physical fibre infrastructure. Realising this goal with greatly reduce CAPEX and OPEX requirements for R&E networks

Starting out as “alien waves”, an experimental oddity with no vendor support, the techniques and technology has become far better understood, and with understanding has become accepted. Today, with modern DWDM platforms base on coherent modulation formats, DCI equipment, routers supporting packet-over-DWDM, and the emergence of Open Line Systems, spectrum sharing has become a tool of the trade, fully supported by equipment vendors.

Today, this technology pioneered by R&E networks allow multiple networks and network operators, with different governance and different business and operational objectives to co-exist on the same core fibre infrastructure. In this session, we will give examples of state-of-the-art for spectrum sharing, show how existing and emerging networks are taking advantage of the technology to achieve high performance at low cost, and how spectrum sharing allows collaborative network builds and special-purpose optical networks that were not possible just a few years ago.

We will give examples of how federated operations have been realized to make spectrum sharing an operational reality today, how new network builds are exploiting spectrum sharing to optimize performance of a regional network, to build new, collaborative infrastructure spanning several countries, service the need of multiple owners, and how a special-purpose, high-performance network overlay using spectrum sharing can service a high-end scientific instrument, and the design and engineering of the next-generation NORDUnet Nordic network, built entirely on spectrum provided by member networks.

Topics for presentation:
• Collaborative Networking with Shared Spectrum – the NORDUnet / SURFnet / PSNC experience
• Building NORDUnet on Shared Spectrum
• Supporting large-scale science instruments with shared spectrum
• Engineering for shared spectrum networks
• Joint operations for shared spectrum networks


Speaker Lars Fischer NORDUnet (Nordic Infrastructure for Research and Education)

Speaker Jorgen Qvist NORDUnet (Nordic Infrastructure for Research and Education)

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Primary track Advanced Networking

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