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Protecting Your Routes and DNS Records

Time 12/11/19 08:30AM-08:50AM

Room Grand Ballroom D/E (5th)

Session Abstract

Network administrators sometimes announce IP addresses that don’t belong to them, either by accident or on purpose. A wrongly announced IP address block can take an entire network offline. Furthermore, hackers have the ability to create false DNS records, which may trick users into visiting websites or downloading malicious software. What can you do to prevent these scenarios from happening? The answer is Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC), both available from ARIN. All the information required for you to participate in ARIN’s opt-in RPKI service to strengthen your routing security will be provided. Plus, find out how to use DNSSEC with ARIN, so users can validate that the DNS records they receive come from the correct source.


Speaker John Curran ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Information Security

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