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Bringing Law and Order to Google Cloud Platform: Securing your GCP Organization

Time 12/10/19 01:40PM-02:30PM

Room Grand Chenier (5th)

Session Abstract

The ease of setting up Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for G Suite schools can be both a blessing and a curse. The G Suite identity framework automatically transfers to GCP and eases the way for users to create GCP projects. Unfortunately, many schools don’t learn this until they have hundreds, or, in some cases, thousands of projects in their GCP Organization. So, when you are ready to configure GCP for secure enterprise use, what does it take to clean up your GCP Organization?

Indiana University signed the NET+ GCP contract, but before we were able to begin offering it to our community, we had to get our house in order. This presentation will walk through IU’s “taming” of its GCP Organization. That journey will start with architecting a structure to facilitate the broad spectrum of institutional use cases. Then we apply security controls, IAM and organizational policies allow the right balance of guardrails to user freedom for each of those use cases. Finally, we will discuss how we cleaned up the project chaos and created a path for our users to create projects in the appropriate places with the appropriate controls.


Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Presentation Media

Primary track Cloud Architecture

Secondary tracks Information Security

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