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Automation, Orchestration and Virtualisation in European NRENs

Time 12/12/19 04:20PM-04:40PM

Room Grand Ballroom D/E (5th)

Session Abstract

Recent Internet2 conferences, both the Technology Exchange and Global Summit, have shown interest from its community in work in the area of automation and orchestration. The same trend is happening in Europe. Some organisations are relatively advanced on the path to automate their processes as much as possible, driven by a desire to speed up their everyday operations for service provisioning, device configuration, problem troubleshooting, DDoS detection and mitigation and many other areas. Some other organisations are still at the starting point of their journey, recognising the need to automate, but for a variety of reasons have not yet done so.

The new GÉANT GN4-3 project recognises the importance of orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV) for its participant organisations (NRENs), but as of the start of the project (January 2019) it had no clear inputs on how it could best assist NRENs on their OAV journey.

Therefore, within the Network Technologies and Services Development Work Package (WP6), under the Network Services Evolution and Development Task (Task 2), the project conducted a survey in order to:
learn about the strategy and actions of each NREN related to network and service orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV);
explore if there are common use cases, ideas, needs and issues in the community in the areas of automation, orchestration and virtualisation;
recognise possible areas of collaboration both amongst NRENs and between NRENs and GÉANT;
determine and recommend possible future work within Work Package 6 (WP6) of the GÉANT GN4-3 project that could be of benefit to as many partners as possible for identified use case(s).

The survey, composed of 35 questions, was structured into sections on current OSS/BSS platforms, current OAV use cases, challenges in adopting OAV, future use cases, and on how GÉANT might help them. It was conducted amongst all partner NRENs, with a very healthy 30 of them providing responses. The survey was followed up with an "NREN strategic consultation on Network and Cloud Service evolution in the GN4-3 project", which had both plenary discussion and two breakout sessions on thoughts and recommendations for the longer term strategy and immediate next steps for the project.

In this presentation, we would present the survey results in more detail, showing the current status, plans and developments in the area of orchestration, automation and virtualisation in European National Research and Education Networks, the next steps based on the survey and workshop results, as well as the first results from the collaborative actions that will follow in the period from the end of the workshop (Mid May) until the TechEx conference in December. The strategies and next steps are based on consensus within European NRENs, but the project recognises the importance of the global R&E networking arena, and thus feedback from the I2 community, and potential future collaboration, is of high importance to the project.


Speaker Ivana Golub PIONIER (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

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