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The Next Generation of perfSONAR Visualization and Analysis

Time 12/10/19 09:30AM-09:50AM

Room Grand Ballroom D/E (5th)

Session Abstract

perfSONAR is a system for collecting and distributing network measurements that is heavily used throughout the research and education community. The components that make-up perfSONAR have evolved significantly the past few years. Feedback from the most recent perfSONAR user survey show that the community is now ready for perfSONAR to leverage these structural changes to simplify configuration, visualize data in new ways, and integrate into the larger data ecosystem.

This presentation will include a live demonstration to show how perfSONAR is addressing these needs in the next version of the software. The presentation will include:

- Storing perfSONAR measurement results in popular backends like Elasticsearch (https://www.elastic.co)
- Using visualization platforms like Grafana (https://grafana.com) to present data in new ways
- Integrating measurements into the larger data ecosystem such as displaying alongside host metrics collected by tools like Prometheus (https://prometheus.io)
- Configuring all of the above using perfSONAR developed graphical tools and standard configuration management software such as Ansible (https://www.ansible.com) to make this achievable for all perfSONAR users

The following resources contain more information about perfSONAR including how to install the software and access the source code:

- Project Site: https://www.perfsonar.net
- Technical Documentation: https://docs.perfsonar.net
- GitHub: https://github.com/perfsonar
- DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/u/perfsonar
- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/perfsonarproject


Speaker Andrew Lake ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network)

Presentation Media

Primary track Advanced Networking

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