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TUTORIAL: Scaling Genomics Workflows with Kubernetes Hybrid Cloud Solutions (Separate Registration Required)

Time 12/09/19 08:30AM-11:30AM

Room Oakley (4th)

Session Abstract

Clemson University, Google, and Cisco are collaborating to accelerate genomics research with Kubernetes based cloud solutions. The systems genetics lab at Clemson, led by Dr. Alex Feltus (professor in the Clemson Dept. of Genetics & Biochemistry, faculty in the Clemson Center for Human Genetics and Biomedical Data Science & Informatics program, and Internet2 Board of Trustees member) is engaging CU students with the Google and Cisco teams to deploy a scalable Kubernetes solution to secure and process gigantic DNA data sets in a hybrid cloud environment. A core Feltus lab goal is to identify petascale research computing models that facilitate “normal” research labs (or collaborative group) in the unfolding transition of life science data analysis from the Excel-scale to the exascale. One model consists of mixing commercial cloud (e.g. GCP, CHC) with public compute resources (e.g. distributed research platform like The National Research Platform).

Google is providing its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Cisco is contributing its Cloud Platform (CCP) and Cloud Center (C3) software. CCP is a fully curated, lightweight, open container management platform for production grade environments, powered by Kubernetes, and reduces the complexity of configuring, deploying, securing, scaling and managing containers via automation across both on-premises and public cloud environments. C3 enables Clemson to test the automation of multi-cloud workload deployment and increase feature velocity, consistently enforce multi-cloud governance, and optimize cloud service consumption to reduce risk and cloud costs. This hands-on session is led by experienced life science domain researchers and will demonstrate the agility and flexibility of this multi-vendor hybrid cloud solution where DNA data is pulled from public genomics repositories, moved across Internet2 and regional networks, and processed with contemporary bioinformatics workflows in the cloud.


Speaker Alex Feltus Clemson University

Primary track Advanced Networking

Secondary tracks Cloud Architecture

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