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TUTORIAL: Learning the Art of Feedback by Watching Gordon Ramsay (Separate Registration Required)

Time 12/09/19 01:30PM-04:30PM

Room Grand Couteau (5th)

Session Abstract

Are you so starved for feedback that you would invite the Gordon Ramsay of your field to come and yell at you just so you feel something? Or do you feel like you are under a barrage of “do this, do that, fix this, this is all wrong!”

Feedback is a tricky thing. Even seasoned professionals are often vexed by it: giving feedback is hard and receiving it can be even harder. Yet, without the critical information that feedback gives us, it is very difficult to improve our organizations or ourselves. We must find a way to get better at this challenging practice; but how?

Gordon Ramsay’s media empire is centered on two things: food and feedback. And while his acerbic style would not be appropriate for (most) of our workplaces, the substance is strong. Chef Ramsay is consistent about providing feedback and the people who work around him know exactly where they (and he!) stand.

Can we learn to master the use of feedback in our personal and professional lives by learning some lessons from Chef Ramsay? In this fun, half-day workshop we will explore this question together. Using video examples from one of the world’s most colorful TV chefs, evidence-based practices, and the personal experience of workshop participants, we will learn together and come away understanding how to more effectively channel the art of feedback.


Speaker Jacob Farmer Indiana University

Primary track Information Security

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