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Social Events and Networking Opportunities

One of the benefits of the event is a wide range of planned -- and spontaneously generated -- opportunities for social networking! Among the planned opportunities, please consider participating in:

1. Feedback Corner (location TBD) on Monday 4:30-6:00 p.m.: This is a social gathering, featuring snacks and beverages, that is scheduled at the end of this year's tutorial/workshop day. You can expect to encounter both key individuals leading the cutting edge projects in each topic area and other new members to the community. This is a great place to meet up with people interested in similar issues, coordinate dinner plans, and just start to get engaged with the community!

2. Newcomer Breakfast (Main Food and Beverage room) on Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 a.m.: This is another opportunity to meet people who will be active in the topic area room(s) during the week. Staff and program committee members for each of the tracks (Advanced Networking, Cloud Architecture, Information Security, and InCommon/Trust & Identity) will be present. This is a great way to meet a couple of people at the beginning of the event, and help break the ice for future social networking events! Whether or not you are a first-time attendee (or just feel like one!), please join us at the Newcomer Breakfast. Get more information.

3. The Opening Social (Napoleon B-C), on Tuesday from 5:00-6:00 pm: This gathering, immediately following The Exchange, will offer snacks and beverages in an open format. This is the official kick-off for the meeting and will be a great place to meet up with folks you've encountered earlier in the day to setup a dinner plan. Take advantage of the many diverse New Orleans nearby dining options following the social. 

4. The Sponsor Social (Napoleon B-C) on Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 p.m.: Take this opportunity to visit the sponsor booths, talk with peers about services and equipment needs for the future, and pitch ideas on '"the next great thing" you'd like to see our industry partners develop!

5. Ad Hoc meeting space (Edgewood: 4th floor and Poydras: 3rd floor) Please check at the Registration Desk to determine what space would be available and suitable for a discussion you'd like to pursue with fellow attendees.

AGAIN: Be sure to check out the "But Wait, There's More!" page for all the latest stuff to try! 

Getting Around the Venue

Download our Internet2 app to see a map of the venue with meeting locations, sort by tracks, and plan your day. (The mobile app will be available closer to the time of the meeting.) 

Event Tips

Here are a few tips long-time attendees shared:

  • Be sure to wear your name badge at all times throughout the event so folks know you are with the group. Hotel staff might challenge you if you try entering rooms without a badge!
  • Bring your business cards for networking opportunities. 
  • Air conditioning can be very temperamental -- some rooms start out near freezing but get overly warm when large crowds congregate. Wearing layers is highly recommended as a way to avoid the extremes.  
  • Breakfast and lunch are provided in a single, large room. If you are attending a working meeting or SIG during one of these times, check the program to see if there will be food provided nearer to that room. That helps you avoid carrying a plate and drink around a hotel, which can be challenging, especially if the meeting is on a different floor than the Main Food and Beverage Room.
  • Folks at the Registration Desk (5th floor in the Grand Foyer) are very helpful (and friendly). If you have questions, try asking them and they can point you to the right place or person who can help.
  • Don't miss out on the non-technical talk options and any demonstrations we may have. Be sure to check out the "But Wait, There's More!" page for all the interesting stuff you can try.
  • Dress code: business casual. 

Topic/Track Specific Recommendations

For more information on the following tracks, please reach out to the contact listed below. We are happy to provide you answers to any questions you may have. 

Advanced Networking: networkdevelopment@internet2.edu

Cloud Architecture: netplus@internet2.edu

Information Security: securitytrack@internet2.edu 

InCommon/Trust & Identity: help@Incommon.org

Research Engagement: researchengagement@internet2.edu

Please be sure to complete program session evaluations and our attendee survey after the conference so we can collect your feedback! These will be posted after sessions and can be accessed by clicking on the link to the session. Our attendee survey will be emailed out in communications after the event. 

Travel Tips

If you are interested in Trust & Identity content, please note that the program has offerings on Friday so you may wish to stay until the end of the meeting. 

For additional information on transportation, please refer to the Hotel & Travel Information page.