2019 Internet2 Global Summit

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Service Management Best Practices Meet Federated Services

Time 03/06/19 01:15PM-02:15PM

Room Capitol (M4)

Session Abstract

Building and delivering trust and identity services portfolio, in a federated manner and for the federated community is a special kind of endeavor. The federated environment both in the service delivery chain and in the user community is at a global scale, effectively giving us a challenge with organizational and cultural differences and richness as well. Finally, as the portfolio grows, there is an urge to reflect to the industry best practices for IT service management, and to implement them selectively and as appropriate.
This presentation will share the experience of the GEANT project in implementing the industry best practices such as ITIL and TMF for the trust and identity services lifecycle management. These best practices gave us a framework for effective and efficient services development and operations, and we will demonstrate how we used them in our services context. Special care was put on the handover between the development and operations teams, ensuring that the service transition to production is performed smoothly. As operation teams of the services are in the mature stage, a two-year cross service improvement cycle was performed to analyses and find improvement opportunities across the services. The services management chain of product managers and service owners are adopting these practices and are evangelists making sure that we have a common language shared between the teams and partners.


Speaker Marina Adomeit G√ČANT

Speaker Ivana Golub PIONIER (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

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Primary track Trust & Identity

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