2019 Internet2 Global Summit

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Building a Secure and Manageable Cloud Environment on the Public Cloud

Time 03/06/19 02:45PM-04:00PM

Room Liberty Ballroom (M4)

Session Abstract

The growth of the public cloud has presented countless opportunities as well as some challenges for higher education institutions.

This three part session will include an overview cloud activities at Emory University, Indiana University and Washington University in St. Louis followed by presentations from Emory on their work with AWS and Indiana University and Washington University in St. Louis on their work with Google. Examples from working with other public cloud providers will also be discussed.

Emory will present on the AWS at Emory Service and its technical architecture, highlighting challenges and key decision points in building a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based service for research and scholarship. The speakers will also discuss how they worked with a diverse set of faculty teams to transition their workloads to the cloud, focusing on lessons learned and opportunities that may help other institutions as they move faculty workloads to the cloud.

Indiana and WUSTL will showcase how two universities rolled out GCP from two very different starting points (one a G Suite school, one not) with a common goal of providing security, account lifecycle management, ease of access, and flexible billing arrangements.


Speaker Bob Flynn Indiana University

Speaker John Bailey Washington University in Saint Louis

Speaker Richard Mendola Emory University

Speaker Stephen Wheat Emory University

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Primary track Integrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity

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