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The Engagement and Performance Operations Center: Overview and Opportunities

Time 03/08/19 08:45AM-10:00AM

Room Liberty Ballroom I/J (M4)

Session Abstract

Over the last decade, the scientific community has experienced an unprecedented shift in the way research is performed and how discoveries are made. Highly sophisticated experimental instruments are creating massive datasets for diverse scientific communities and hold the potential for new insights that will have long-lasting impacts on society. However, scientists cannot make effective use of this data if they are unable to move, store, and analyze it.

Through a recent grant from the National Science Foundation, we have established the Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) as a collaborative focal point for operational expertise and analysis jointly lead by Indiana University (IU) and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet). The Center enables researchers to routinely, reliably, and robustly transfer data through a holistic approach to understanding the full pipeline of data movement to better support collaborative science.

This panel session will highlight three of the main activities of the Center, and will allow audience members to explore how they can participate. The first speaker will describe EPOC’s work with application scientists in two ways, as a single point of contact to enable “Roadside Assistance” for researchers experiencing problems sharing data via a coordinated Operations Center to resolve problems with end-to-end data transfers reactively. He will also detail our application “Deep Dives”, that enable proactive discovery and resolution of performance issues via a proven methodology of indepth requirement discussions, through a recent example of doing this for a group at NOAA.

The second speaker will discuss how the deployment of a measurement, monitoring, and analysis framework, NetSage, as part of the EPOC activities has enabled their regional network to work with EPOC staff to better support end users through additional information available about the system.

The third speaker will discuss the needs of small and medium sized campuses, and how EPOC is working with regionals to support managed “Services in a Box”, sometimes called encapsulated network services, to support advanced networking more effectively. For example, we are working with small and medium sized institution to fdo campus perfSONAR deployments as managed services using this approach.

Overall,the audience will learn that EPOC not only delivers appropriate end-to-end user support and engineering solutions but is becoming a central community hub ready to provide personal expertise and assistance on an ongoing basis. By bringing together multiple knowledgeable and experienced science engagement teams, this Center has the potential to benefit nearly all of US science, research, and education on a far broader scale than any one organization can accomplish alone.

Jennifer Schopf, IU, Director of EPOC (Moderator)
Jason Zurawski, ESnet , “Working with Science Applications”
James Deaton, Great Plains Network, “What EPOC’s deployment of NetSage did for GPN”
Wendy Huntoon, “Services in a box support for small campuses”


Moderator Jennifer Schopf Indiana University

Speaker Jason Zurawski ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network)

Speaker James Deaton GPN (Great Plains Network)

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