2019 Internet2 Global Summit

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Log Analysis Paralysis: Finding the Right Approach for You

Time 03/07/19 01:15PM-02:30PM

Room Supreme Court (M4)

Session Abstract

To identify and manage operational issues, trends, and security incidents, IT organizations need real time visibility and forensic capabilities for enterprise networks and systems - but this mean managing and analyzing mountains of data. While there are several viable commercial offerings, IT log analysis can benefit from tools and skills associated with the growing field of data analytics and open source big data tools. In this presentation, we will discuss the journey that three schools have embarked upon to identify:

(a) how central and distributed IT groups are (or should be) analyzing log data,

(b) how the requirements led to evaluation and implementation of log tools, and

(c) an analysis of the costs involved and skills required in implementing various solutions.

The presentation will focus on two tools in particular (ELK and Apache Spark), why they were implemented and cost comparisons with commercial solutions.


Speaker Richard Biever Duke University

Speaker Mark McCahill Duke University

Speaker Jimmy Lummis Georgia Institute of Technology

Speaker Michael Grinnell University of Virginia

Presentation Media

Primary track Information Security

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