2019 Internet2 Global Summit

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Global Perspectives on Cloud Technologies

Time 03/06/19 01:15PM-02:15PM

Room Liberty Ballroom (M4)

Session Abstract

This session will focus on the common challenges and opportunities for the research and education community, posed by the ongoing rapid growth of cloud computing. A short presentation will highlight common themes, market trends and cloud adoption across different world regions, followed by a panel discussion of global cloud practitioners.


The expansion of cloud services undoubtedly has presented countless positive impacts on the research and education community. From allowing for the rapid adoption of new services, the democratization of computing to support research, to supporting new teaching and learning technologies. The advent of cloud services has led many institutions across the globe to adopt a cloud first strategy. Others are finding it more challenging to incorporate cloud services, and most notably commercial offerings, into their portfolio. This leads to a situation where usage and ‘cloud maturity’ levels vary considerably across the global research and education community.

As the cloud computing industry matures and use of the services has become more ubiquitous, research and education institutions adopting clouds, face new challenges. These include concerns about market consolidation, new data privacy laws and challenges in managing a multi-vendor cloud portfolio. There are also ongoing concerns that have yet to be resolved, such as budget modeling and better cost control for infrastructure-as-a-service, vendor lock-in and shadow IT.

This session will explore these challenges as well as opportunities, and discuss efforts underway at national and regional research and education networks (such as Internet2 and GÉANT) to continue to enable the research and education community to benefit from the advantages of cloud computing at a community scale and use cloud services in a safe and seamless manner.


Speaker Ann Harding SWITCH

Speaker Thomas Fryer GÉANT

Speaker Alex Grande AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network)

Speaker Sean O'Brien Internet2

Presentation Media

Primary track Integrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship, & Creativity

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